24/7 AOG & Critical Logistics

In the high pressure world of the aerospace industry, if an aircraft isn’t flying, it’s costing money. The reliable delivery of critical parts is essential to keep minutes on the ground to a minimum.

B&H Worldwide understands this. We play a pivotal role in delivering the parts you need to get grounded aircraft back in the air, so passengers and cargo are not delayed.

As an airline, an MRO, a parts stockist or repair vendor, you demand a reliable, quality-focussed partner who delivers on time. B&H Worldwide specialises exclusively in the aerospace business – so we are fully conversant with the critical nature of your requirements.

B&H Worldwide provides critical logistics solutions for the urgent movement of aerospace components of any size and any description.

We operate across the world from our strategically located hubs and our fully staffed global AOG centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We are solely dedicated to the aerospace industry and are committed to the transportation of complex, challenging and critical items - from aircraft engines and specialist avionics through to components and consumables.

If you have an AOG event anywhere across the globe, our specialised and knowledgeable local teams will deliver the critical part you need to quickly get back in the air.

Airlines, MROs and spare parts stockists rely on B&H Worldwide to ensure AOG shipments meet the strictest transit times and budgets. Each situation is different - we explore all available options and make our recommendations based on reliability, time and cost.

Everything we do is supported by our IT platform OnTrack which provides 24/7 real-time tracking of every AOG shipment.

We work at customer order level rather than by air waybill number, so we speak your language. You can track your AOGs by part number, serial number, tail number or heavy maintenance event, so you can see the precise location of your shipment at any time.

B&H Worldwide has the people, the tools and global network so you can have complete confidence in our team to deliver.


A grounded aircraft in Berlin, Germany

Faulty IDG Control wiring harness

14:00 on a Friday

In Berlin by 12:00 the next day

Prestwick Airport, Scotland

The German carrier was forced to ground one of their fleet due to a faulty IDG Wiring Control Harness and had managed to locate a serviceable part from a vendor based at Prestwick Airport in Scotland. The part was required in Berlin Germany by 12:00 the following day in order to return the aircraft back into service that Saturday afternoon.

The B&H Worldwide AOG team evaluated different options for shipping the urgent part. An express courier service was immediately deemed too risky as delivery could not be guaranteed over the weekend. They also ruled out a direct-drive from Scotland to Germany because of cost and time implications. Standard airfreight was ruled out because there was no flight between any points which would meet the deadline.

The B&H Worldwide solution was to direct-drive the spare part from Prestwick Airport to London Heathrow overnight (Friday) and hand-carry it to Berlin on the first flight out on Saturday morning. This combination of direct-drive plus hand-carry ensured the AOG consignment didn’t get caught up in any airline cargo centres and was delivered at 10:00 the following morning, two hours ahead of schedule.

“We’ve worked with B&H Worldwide for more than two decades because time and time again they come up with excellent solutions to our problems, as well as providing continuous great customer service. This example is just one of many instances where they considered all the available options and delivered a result which not only met our extremely tight delivery requirement, but was also cost effective. After working with B&H for so many years I would highly recommend them as a partner for the management of critical shipments.”


  • B&H AOG experts on site 24/7/365
  • Delivering over 21,000 AOG shipments per year
  • Global AOG desk based at Heathrow
  • Full range of On-board-courier hand-carry and charter skills
  • Dedicated vehicles with airside delivery access
  • Fully proficient in Dangerous Goods movements
Our fully staffed AOG centre operates 24/7/365 and is solely dedicated to servicing the aerospace industry.


B&H has the people, tools and network to get it right first time. You can have confidence in our team to deliver.
  • Experts in AOG logistics
  • Exclusive aerospace focus
  • One centralised, AOG 24/7 fully-manned operation
  • Reduces the risk of AOG transit failure via strategic positioning of critical inventory in B&H warehouses in AKL, HKG, LAX, LHR, MIA, SIN, SYD
  • International customs compliance expertise
  • Comprehensive data capture for live tracking and shipment analysis
  • Global network of aerospace experts fully conversant in AOG urgency