The size, complexity and value of modern aircraft engines requires a high level of transportation expertise and care. With its aerospace specialisation and focus, B&H Worldwide understands this need better than any logistics provider.

Over the years, our experience built by working closely with airlines, engine manufacturers, engine maintenance and overhaul organisations, engine spares stockists and one-off buyers has positioned B&H as one of the world’s leaders in aerospace engine transportation.

B&H Worldwide’s knowledge of engine types and sizes enables us to identify the best transport solution for each customer and each unique situation.

Using the customer requirements we design the optimum solution for each engine movement. The result is a safe and secure transport solution with minimal loading time and maximum attention to detail.

Supported by our 24/7 Critical Logistics Centre, B&H global operations take responsibility for managing the movement of engines through every step in the transport chain, and provides you with industry leading live communication tools to assist in managing time critical engineering activities.


Engine movements often involve multiple handover points, where operational and risk responsibility transitions from one party to another. Managing these handover points is critical to ensure an engine is delivered on schedule and without incident.

At B&H Worldwide we have created our own expert operating procedures for managing the handling, transport and storage of any engine type, including the engagement of all parties in the process. These operating procedures are aligned with the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the integrity of the engine is not compromised throughout the transportation activity.

The B&H procedures will ensure:

At collection:

  • Engine stands and transport cradles are of the appropriate specification and quality for the planned movement
  • Engines are inspected for external damage prior to wrapping or covering, with supporting photographs taken
  • All necessary commercial paperwork and handling instructions are complete and accurate

During airport transfer:

  • Forklifts or cranes used in the loading and unloading are of the appropriate specification for the size, weight and sensitivity of the engine
  • Forklift drivers are suitably qualified and trained
  • Air-ride vehicles are engaged to carry out the road transport element
  • Tie-down procedures are followed and inspected prior to lock down to ensure compliance with air-ride requirements

Loading into the aircraft:

  • Tie-down procedures are provided to the air carriers handling terminal for compliance when loading on to the aircraft Unit Load Device (ULD)
  • Wherever possible, transfer to the aircraft is supervised and photographed to ensure no impact damage occurs

Unloading at final destination:

  • Wherever possible, removal from the aircraft is supervised and photographed to ensure no impact damage occurs
  • Tie-down connection points are verified to ensure air-ride engagement has not been compromised in transit
  • Release of engine from ULD is supervised and photographed to verify the absence of handling damage

Final delivery:

  • Schedule timing is verified to minimise cost impact of waiting time for specialist equipment
  • Air-ride vehicles are engaged for the final delivery
  • Engines are inspected prior to unwrapping, and again after unwrapping to verify absence of impact damage

All B&H engine movements are strictly monitored via a B&H Engine Check List (ECL) from collection to delivery, supported by our 24/7 critical logistics centre providing you with complete confidence that the process is under control at all times.


Planning & Scheduling

  • Delay risk minimisation
  • Minimising handling and time on ground at transit points
  • Positioning of engine handling equipment
  • Continuous staff training and staff certification

Operations Process Management

  • 24/7 access to expert operations team
  • Process check list for execution and post shipment audits
  • Operating procedures issued to third parties for handling compliance
  • Physical inspections and photographing at critical process stages

24/7 Critical Logistics Support Systems

  • Detailed milestone tracking with live automated update messaging
  • Online access to shipment documentation for regulatory compliance
  • In transit Incident management via dedicated 24/7 team
  • Global life cycle part and serial number tracking and reporting