Freight management in the aerospace industry is a complex and challenging operation. It has to deal with everything from the routine supply of nuts and bolts, to the delivery of an engine for a grounded aircraft, from highly sensitive avionics equipment to a set of wheels and brakes.

Whatever your requirement, you can rely on B&H Worldwide for a consistent, confident, comprehensive suite of freight services specifically designed for your budget.

Our highly trained aerospace specialists can quickly construct and deliver a freight model that matches the needs of your business. We are your one stop shop for express courier, AOG, general freight, over dimensional, hazardous goods and aircraft charter.

Our employees are our most important assets - through investment in training we have developed a wealth of aerospace logistics knowledge. We are perfectly placed to offer you a suite of individually tailored supply chain solutions.

We work in global partnerships with airlines, agents and our own offices worldwide to deliver a timely, transparent and cost effective freight solution.


Air Freight

As an IATA accredited freight forwarder, B&H Worldwide has the capability in each one of our offices to source space and rates on all major carriers and integrators. Using our experience in aerospace logistics we offer timely and precise solutions whether we are shipping consumables, avionics, engines or airframe components.

Ocean Freight

For out-of-gauge and non-time critical movements our Ocean Freight experts will source highly effective, competitive solutions for your needs.

Road Freight

From a single pallet to full-load movements we offer an extensive and highly competitive service. We understand the need for flexibility, so whether it’s a groupage movement or a direct drive, we will give you a choice of suitable solutions.

International / Domestic Express Services

We offer a door-to-door international air express service via the world-class carriers that you know and trust.

The international air express service is a fast, reliable and efficient delivery option. As well as rapid transit times you’ll benefit from a reliable global service, comprehensive local knowledge, including end-to-end tracking and customs clearance.

24/7 Critical Logistics

For urgent and extremely time sensitive shipments you can use our 24/7 Critical Logistics Centre. It is permanently staffed by a team of aerospace logistics professionals handling some 21,000 AOG shipments a year. We offer real-time, global tracking through our OnTrack system, support through our airside ability, global coverage, on-board-courier expertise and award winning customer service.

Order Consolidation

If time is not the most important factor, you can take advantage of our consolidation services. B&H Worldwide work with you to create an efficient and competitive advantage through our network, using our extensive partnerships, logistics expertise and buying power to give you an unbeatable product offering.


Our strategically placed warehouses are located in key global aerospace hubs, giving you access to remote site storage for long or short term. Our receipts and dispatch systems operate through OnTrack to give you the flexibility to access your inventory information whenever you need it online. This combination of our cloud based technology and our proximity to your customers ensures the most efficient delivery of your critical shipments.

Dangerous Goods

The rules and regulations regarding the transportation of dangerous goods are ever-changing. B&H Worldwide staff are fully DG trained and up-to-date with all requirements and procedures to handle DG shipments.

We consider all options to find the best shipping solution for our customers. With airlines changing their limitations on a regular basis, especially when it involves lithium metal batteries, it is vital that we are able to offer accurate and speedy advice to our client base.

The requirement to keep watch for hidden hazardous material is more important than ever. For instance, radioactive material in acceptable quantities found in locator beacons, batteries in laptop computers or even fuel residue left in equipment, can easily be overlooked by an inexperienced forwarder. B&H Worldwide staff are trained to look for the relevant information when reading customers shipping invoices and are aware of the need to often ask if the shipment contains hazardous matter.

You can rely on B&H Worldwide to handle your Dangerous Goods shipment and provide all the information and operational expertise.

Customs Clearance

International trade has increased the global flow of raw materials and finished goods and the requirement to be able to transport goods anywhere in the world is greater than ever.

At B&H Worldwide we have Customs experts in every market place to advise you of the specific country requirements to ensure your supply chain is not compromised by unforeseen administration issues.

Whatever your business, it will require some interaction with Customs, from simple clearance to complex multiple party negotiations. With the assistance of our local experts we will keep your supply chain moving.

General Services

  • International air and ocean freight
  • Dangerous Goods management and declaration
  • Customs clearance
  • Domestic and international express service
  • First-flight available and hand-carries
  • Road freight


  • Aircraft on ground (AOG)
  • Ad-hoc charter services
  • Airside delivery
  • DG management
  • Purchase and Repair Order management


  • Customs compliance
  • Warehousing & inventory management
  • Customer Solutions
  • Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) / Control Tower


The B&H approach to holistic freight management for its customers provides a one stop interface between the warehousing operation and the freight services network without compromising cost and service.

Lean inventory strategies, combined with complex spare part procurement contracts, are placing increasing pressure on the freight management task to ensure cost and service delivery outcomes are met.

‘Power by the hour’ contracts, freight-inclusive repair and warranty deals, loans and borrows, part shortages, as well as increased operational responsiveness are all contributing to increasing decision making complexity in carrier selection, service selection and operational prioritisation.

As one of Asia’s leading low cost carriers began to experience serious operational disruption caused by supply chain service failures, a decision had to be made to expand their freight management team to better manage the increasing complexity, or engage with a freight management partner with the experience, processes, systems and willingness to take ownership of the task.

By engaging B&H Worldwide, the carrier was able to establish a freight management platform that minimised variation in their order processing activity, and didn’t require the warehousing team to consult an extensive decision making matrix to complete the dispatch and transport process. By screening each order as it exited the dispatch area, we could ensure the appropriate service decision was applied to each order type:

  • AOGs: executed immediately and monitored via the 24/7 critical service centre
  • Company stores: Managed on internal carrier flights without direct transactional freight costs
  • Line station transfer orders: Low cost routine consolidated freight
  • Loans & Borrows: To avoid serious usage time penalties, treated with similar urgency to an AOG, but without the additional freight costs
  • Inflight entertainment repairs: Express door to door service to combat the urgent turn time requirement due to global part shortages
  • Ground handling services equipment: Deferred airfreight, or even ocean freight, to minimise potential high cost
  • Pooling, PBH and Warranty parts: B&H manages the handover to the carrier nominated by the MRO/ Part vendor under the terms of the procurement agreement

The B&H approach to holistic freight management provides a single interface between the customers' warehousing operation and the freight services network with reduced cost and improved service.