B&H Worldwide’s information management solutions focus on the customer’s supply chain, not simply a transport consignment. This is reflected in our comprehensive platform of inventory and order management systems.

Our OnTrack system is a web-based IT platform that provides real-time visibility of static inventory, orders in production, detailed event based transport progression and online access to all order and transport documentation.

The search capabilities within OnTrack allows the user to search by purchase order, repair order, part and serial number, date ranges, aircraft tail numbers, airway bill or a range of customer designated references. Orders are also tracked by more than 20 critical process milestones, ensuring supply chain efficiency is achieved at every step in the order process.

With its extensive industry based EDI connectivity channels, OnTrack is an integral part of our customers’ engineering supply chain.


A genuine supply chain information management system must provide risk mitigation through sound operational decision making, managing service consistency and ensuring cost control is achieved.

Our exceptional operational expertise, together with our OnTrack information management system, will help you manage your logistics network and achieve the optimum outcomes for all your stakeholders.

Our information gathering (data collection) commences at the time a part is removed from an aircraft, establishing an environment whereby B&H and the customer collaborate effectively to manage service delivery and supply chain costs.

OnTrack combines intuitive functions, on-line customer interface tools and comprehensive order-level data capture to help you cost-effectively manage your supply chain.

This is achieved by:

  • Online engineering reviews of unserviceable parts improving Repair Order turn times
  • EDI and online order placement and progression data sharing giving greater data accuracy and visibility
  • Order specific work flow milestones and tolerance breach alerts designed to minimise service failure risk and reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Managing order priorities to meet delivery time expectations
  • Engineers receive live track and trace progress reports by tail number or maintenance event
  • Comprehensive suite of operational and financial analytical reports, managing performance by service type, part number, aircraft tail number, business unit or purchasing mechanism

With the support of its information management solution, B&H takes ownership of our customers supply chain performance.

Financial Reporting

The B&H financial reporting suite provides comprehensive detail resulting in unprecedented levels of cost control across the freight and logistics network.

While tenders and procurement processes aim to deliver a balanced cost and service platform, day to day operational interactions can quickly derail financial objectives. By working in collaboration with our customers, our extensive financial reporting suite is tailored to address the day to day variability by providing visibility and control across the standard logistics platform, and a detailed focus on key areas of their business where elevated levels of cost management is required.

The reporting suite is presented to meet the needs of specific levels of management:

High level financial KPIs

  • Executive level periodic spend breakdown for high level analysis
  • Isolating extraordinary cost items impacting regular spend patterns
  • Standard financial KPIs for monitoring trends, i.e. cost per shipment, cost per KG, KGs per shipment

Base platform detailed analysis

Breaking down key cost drivers for ongoing management control, including:

  • Spend by order priority, i.e. AOG, Critical and Routine
  • Spend by route or trade lane
  • Spend by invoice charge code
  • Spend by part number
  • Cost impact by internal business unit and purchasing officer

Customer critical cost management

  • Program and project reporting to track cost impact and recovery
  • Spend by aircraft tail number
  • Maintenance event cost analysis
  • Customer and/or vendor spend
  • Standing Purchase Order cost impact
  • Pooling or power-by-the-hour agreements
  • Warranty tracking
  • Tax concessions by commodity or part number

While an initial focus on base price and associated service parameters is vital, this unique approach to financial reporting ensures genuine cost control is achieved by focusing on the variables in the supply chain that can often have a significant impact on budgetary expectations.


Our exceptional expertise will help you achieve the optimum outcome for all your stakeholders.

Moving away from the traditional contractual performance approach to reporting, B&H views operational KPI reporting as a critical input into the supply chain management process. This is reflected in the B&H KPI reporting suite, where standard route transit time performance is expanded to provide a genuine basis for supply chain and inventory management optimisation.

While most freight and logistics contracts will have agreed specified freight transit and operational handling parameters, the actual performance will be clouded by the application of a set of agreed exceptions to the service specification, in turn adding risk to resource planning and inventory decisions.

To minimise this problem, the B&H KPI reporting suite will:

  • Present detailed and accurate transit performance analysis, with no exceptions
  • Focus on individual milestone measurement to remove potentially invisible process issues and roadblocks
  • Provide frequency of occurrence data for inventory risk management
  • Include detailed breakdown by service priority, routes, carriers, vendors and even part numbers

The overall reporting package provides sufficient detail to ensure optimum performance is being achieved across and within key elements of your supply chain.

OnTrack Order Management

B&H Worldwide’s information management solutions gives you a complete suite of functions that have been specifically designed to add genuine value to the supply chain. OnTrack helps by improving visibility, reducing process turn times, enhancing operational execution and provides comprehensive analytical data.

When viewing the life cycle of an order, one or more of the OnTrack features can be called upon to drive efficiency at every stage of the process.

Order initiation:

  • Orders are received via EDI feeds
  • Customers use online portals to initiate stock release from inventory
  • AOG instructions are received via our Freight Talk system which activates critical action
  • Engineers provide unserviceable part information for B&H to initiate the repair process

Order progression:

  • Order criteria determines the workflow and milestones to be tracked against an order
  • Repair Managers conduct online review of unserviceable parts, then issue repair orders directly into OnTrack
  • Data feeds continue to update the status of orders in progress, with pending service failure alerts driving action and triggering escalations
  • ‘Order follow’ function sends tailored messages to designated recipients for real-time status updates

Post order analysis:

  • Aircraft part removal reconciliation for regulatory compliance
  • Round trip repair order tracking to manage vendor in-shop performance
  • Comprehensive global turn-time analysis, from order placement to completion
  • Detailed spend analysis by aircraft type, tail number, part and serial number

End to end, B&H systems ensure detailed levels of visibility and control over each step in the logistics process.

Integrated Cloud based Technology

  • Comprehensive EDI connectivity with customer MRP/ERP systems, third party OEM’s, MRO’s and part vendors, carriers and regulatory authorities
  • Web-based access for customers to place orders and provide follow up communications directly into our systems
  • Comprehensive global turn-time analysis, from order placement to completion
  • Cloud based technology platform that allows you to access information globally 24/7/365

Track and Trace

  • Track orders by more than nine different reference numbers
  • Priority orders can be flagged to allow you to ‘follow’ them within the system and receive alerts as they progress
  • Bundle orders for tracking by aircraft tail number or maintenance event

Order Progression Management

  • Orders actively managed from placement with suppliers to the moment it is made available for shipping
  • Manage unserviceable parts from removal to repair and return to inventory
  • Track supplier performance and warranty