B&H Worldwide has provided innovative IT solutions to our customers and partners for over two decades and we recognise the critical importance of information technology in the logistics industry.

In 2014 B&H Worldwide separated its IT development division from its main operations and established the wholly owned technology business B&H InTech.

The focus of our technology company is to:

  • Lead the development strategy concerning our cloud-based system OnTrack
  • Develop advanced IT integration solutions for our customers
  • Lead the development of custom IT applications for our customers

B&H Worldwide knows that leading edge IT holds the key to success in modern logistics. It is this belief that has driven our ongoing investment in InTech and the creation of a larger dedicated team of IT experts who understand and embrace both the aerospace logistics industry and progressive technologies.



When B&H Worldwide started life, more than two decades ago, it had the specific aim of providing specialist logistics management services to the aerospace industry. As the business rapidly grew, it was clear that the technology solutions available at the time were simply not going to adequately support the depth of customer solutions we wanted to provide.

Our response was to develop OnTrack as our in-house, proprietary, global operating system. OnTrack provides complex data capture, end to end operational process flow management, and a multi-layered global track and trace capability. Most importantly, it gives us flexibility and the freedom to continually develop and innovate to keep pace with the rapidly changing aerospace industry.

By working in partnership with our customers - airlines, MROs, OEMs and part vendors - OnTrack has evolved into a highly specialised aerospace logistics management system. It has been built on the very latest cloud-based technology and modern EDI communication protocols, which enables OnTrack to work seamlessly with all of our customers’ existing systems.

OnTrack Features

OnTrack is a global operating system built on a philosophy of genuine end-to-end order management.

It connects B&H Worldwide operations teams to our customers through real-time operational data sharing, from the time an order is raised, through to post-shipment reporting and analysis.

OnTrack simply and seamlessly delivers supply chain efficiency and added value, including:

  • Real-time shipment information, driven by access to live operational data and carrier status messaging
  • Intuitive purchase and repair vendor management systems reducing the transactional effort in managing orders
  • Interactive inventory management tools that provide process control and streamlined communications
  • EDI order status updates feed directly into MRP/ERP systems
  • Comprehensive live tailored operational reporting to manage business processes
  • Detailed operational and financial performance reporting for continuous improvement

All these functions provide timely and accurate information, operational productivity and systems connectivity. This results in reduced effort and cost otherwise associated with supply chain management, and ultimately gives you the opportunity to reduce the cost of capital invested in holding inventory.


A key strength of OnTrack is its ability to deliver benefits to a range of stakeholder groups within our customers businesses. By recognising the needs of the broader business, OnTrack reduces the dependency on a single provider of information, which is often an over stretched internal logistics department.

OnTrack provides highly practical services such as:

  • Industry leading track and trace capability, searching by airway bill, purchase order, round trip repair order, part and/or serial number, tail number, work orders and general date and location ranges
  • Live operational reporting, tailored to suit the needs of a specific process, accessed online or via email subscription
  • Project based reporting, providing operational and financial data for major events such as heavy maintenance or new aircraft delivery
  • Online order initiating for managing AOG shipments, unserviceable parts and general inventory dispatching
  • Periodic performance reporting and financial analysis for providing the necessary month to month control of the freight and logistics activity

OnTrack also provides an opportunity to bridge systems gaps in critical business processes – including EDI links to third party providers, documentation production, internal customer messaging, and general operational processing.

Where customer legacy systems become cost and time prohibitive in terms of solution development, OnTrack’s comprehensive industry specialisation and technical platform can be deployed to provide systems solutions.

Advanced IT integration

Advanced IT integration is the process of integrating the aerospace industry EDI data feeds into both OnTrack and our customers’ systems.

The purpose and benefits of this are to:

  • Preserve data integrity
  • Increase efficiencies and productivity
  • Maintain cost controls

Our experienced IT development team has the skills and expertise to turn complex data exchange requirements into advanced IT solutions. We work alongside our customers to identify efficiencies through data collection and automated integration.

This helps to:

  • Eliminate double keying of data
  • Reduce reporting deficiencies
  • Minimise resources required to manage data quality
  • Improve the standard operating data model
  • Provide real-time data to promote accelerated decision making
  • Produce accurate KPIs
  • Provide supply chain visibility
  • Realise significant efficiency and productivity gains

Custom IT applications

Working with our customers we often come across inefficiencies and areas requiring improvement. In collaboration with our customers, we identify pain-points within their supply chain by reviewing processes and procedures. This highlights areas where custom IT solutions can be introduced to eliminate these problems. Our experienced technical team is then engaged to scope, design, validate and build the required customer solution.

The advantages of the B&H InTech custom solutions include:

  • Supply chain knowledge specific to aerospace
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Process driven solutions
  • Alternative IT solutions to traditional technology vendors
  • Reducing resources to manage the supply chain
  • Improving the supply chain operating model
  • Realising significant efficiency and productivity gains