LLP Aerospace Control Towers

Managing the complexity and variation associated with modern aerospace supply chains can place significant burden on the often already overstretched resources of your logistics team.

Managing compliance associated to your preferred freight directives, vendor procurement contracts, repair providers and warranty agreements requires a detailed matrix of decision making, operating procedure and communications channels to be effective.

When you factor in varying time & service priority options, non-compliance can create significant risk of increased costs, service delivery failure, and exposure to contractual liability.

B&H Worldwide offers industry leading LLP Control Tower services to its aerospace customers that are designed to take ownership of your complex engineering supply chain logistics. With decades of operational experience, the B&H Control Tower team put their expertise into action managing your supply chain by making service priority decisions, engaging carriers to suit the service requirement, dealing with nominated third party providers, managing pooling exchanges, loan returns and warranty activity.

B&H LLP Control Towers provide real-time detailed visibility of every order.

The B&H management system OnTrack, supports our people to provide a one-stopshop for all your supply chain logistics requirements.


The B&H LLP Control Tower solution integrates into your supply chain across three key pillars:

Information systems

The B&H OnTrack system becomes the central order management portal interfacing with your MRP system:

  • Orders are received into OnTrack and screened for data integrity
  • Priorities and key data elements are verified and operational instructions issued
  • Orders are managed and tracked, with or without freight activity, through to their completion
  • Milestones trigger automated messaging and service alerts
  • Live operational and analytical reporting manages supply chain performance

Operations scope

Whatever the circumstance, the LLP Control Tower team is empowered to initiate operational execution across the broad spectrum of B&H service offerings:

  • Direct carrier management for urgent uplift, or co-loading with trade lane specialists to achieve economical movement of routine freight on less active routes
  • Comprehensive access to rates and services with the world’s largest Express door-to-door operators when time and cost is of the essence
  • On-board courier and hand-carry services for those critical AOGs where risk of off-load must be negated
  • Specialist handling for hazardous, over dimensional, shock sensitive and other movements where maximum care and attention is required
  • Production of documents and facilitation of handover to nominated third party providers to comply with vendor instructions for warranty and other contractual obligations


The experience and expertise of the B&H people is the glue that binds our services and support systems together to deliver results for our customers.

  • Logistics service coordinators act as implants working within the customer operation to facilitate efficient process handovers and communications
  • 24/7 critical logistics centre providing frontline support globally
  • Trained to take a broad and long term perspective of our customer relationships, resulting in ‘customer first’ critical decision making
  • Technical training to know and understand key aspects of aerospace supply chain methodology from our customer’s perspective
  • Global customer solutions management approach ensuring a holistic view to cost and service solutions that benefit all parties.


B&H Worldwide offer an unserviceable parts management solution that provides the operational and systems interface specifically designed to minimise cost and risk in the repair process.

Being more than just a central point of contact for critical logistics services, B&H customers can expect to see the benefits of our Control Tower engagement across their logistics operation:

  • 100% visibility of every order
  • Dedicated frontline customer service support for ALL logistics inquiries.
  • Pre-emptive service support minimising service failure incidents.
  • Cost and service decision making and accountability, acting in the best interest of the relevant stakeholders.
  • Highly productive execution of transactional order management activity delivering cost savings.
  • An intricate understanding of the customer’s operational aims and objectives, leading to solution advancement and detailed analytical reporting that supports the supply chain management process.

In effect, engaging the B&H LLP Control Tower is synonymous to outsourcing the freight management function of your business without the associated risks of formally doing so.

LLP Control Tower Reporting

Financial Reporting

The B&H financial reporting suite provides comprehensive detail resulting in unprecedented levels of cost control across the freight and logistics network.

While tenders and procurement processes aim to deliver a balanced cost and service platform, day to day operational interactions can quickly derail financial objectives. By working in collaboration with our customers, our extensive financial reporting suite is tailored to address the day to day variability by providing visibility and control across the standard logistics platform, and a detailed focus on key areas of their business where elevated levels of cost management is required.

The reporting suite is presented to meet the needs of specific levels of management:

High level financial KPIs

  • Executive level periodic spend breakdown for high level analysis
  • Isolating extraordinary cost items impacting regular spend patterns
  • Standard financial KPI’s for monitoring trends, i.e. cost per shipment, cost per KG, KG’s per shipment

Base platform detailed analysis

Breaking down key cost drivers for ongoing management control, including:

  • Spend by order priority, i.e. AOG, Critical and Routine
  • Spend by route or trade lane
  • Spend by invoice charge code
  • Spend by part number
  • Cost impact by internal business unit and purchasing officer

Customer critical cost management

  • Program and project reporting to track cost impact and recovery
  • Spend by aircraft tail number
  • Maintenance event cost analysis
  • Customer and/or vendor spend
  • Standing purchase order cost impact
  • Pooling or power by the hour agreement
  • Warranty tracking
  • Tax concessions by commodity or part number

While an initial focus on base price and associated service parameters is vital, this unique approach to financial reporting ensures genuine cost control is achieved by focusing on the variables in the supply chain that can often have a significant impact on budgetary expectations.

KPI Reporting

Moving away from the traditional contractual performance approach to reporting, B&H views operational KPI reporting as a critical input into the supply chain management process. This is reflected in the B&H KPI reporting suite, where standard route transit time performance is expanded to provide a genuine basis for supply chain and inventory management optimisation.

While most freight and logistics contracts will have agreed specified freight transit and operational handling parameters, the actual performance will be clouded by the application of a set of agreed exceptions to the service specification, in turn adding risk to resource planning and inventory decisions.

To minimise this problem, the B&H KPI reporting suite will:

  • Present detailed and accurate transit performance analysis, with no exceptions
  • Focus on individual milestone measurement to remove potentially invisible process issues and roadblocks
  • Provide frequency of occurrence data for inventory risk management
  • Include detailed breakdown by service priority, routes, carriers, vendors and even part numbers

The overall reporting package provides sufficient detail to ensure optimum performance is being achieved across and within key elements of your supply chain.