B&H Worldwide provides a suite of services that help our aerospace customer’s manage their Purchase and Repair Orders.

Our solution design, information management systems, operational methodology and customer interfaces are all designed to optimise the management of your order and maximise the efficiency of your supply chain.

B&H Worldwide’s OnTrack system includes logistics functionality such as Purchase and Repair Order management and unserviceable parts processing. The purpose of which is to increase process control and order visibility.

This provides core service delivery and supply chain management functions including:

  • Cost control through effective inventory planning
  • Scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance event management
  • Vendor contract compliance
  • Continuous improvement

B&H Worldwide acts as the logistics interface between our customers and both purchase and repair vendors. Our order management teams take operational ownership of your Purchase and Repair Orders. This creates a crucial resource in the efficient management of the order process.


Our end-to-end order management service strives to add value to our customers supply chain through in-depth visibility, proactive milestone management, highly intuitive task execution and systems automation.

Multi-level Order Interface & Tracking Capability

Based on a platform of sound data integrity and interfacing with customers ERP systems, OnTrack offers up to 10 levels of customer reference number tracking. This level of detail turns a basic track and trace function into a comprehensive visibility tool that can be used by a range of stakeholders not only those directly engaged in logistics.

Purchase Order Management

OnTrack’s order management functionality encompasses extensive event milestone tracking, intuitive time line settings, and schedule breach alert systems which manage customer orders to their required timelines. This level of automation provides vital process control while creating a highly productive and cost effective management platform.

Repair Order Management

When managing Repair Orders, OnTrack is tailored to manage the critical repair vendor interface by focusing on milestones such as; ‘received at vendor dock’, ‘repair review completed’, ‘repair quote received’ and ‘repair authorised’.

By tracking part and serial numbers, OnTrack also provides detailed ‘round trip’ turn-time management, as well as repeat shipment and warranty tracking.

Unserviceable Parts Processing

Our Order Management system extends to activities prior to a Repair Order being raised. By providing a critical interface between engineers and the logistics function, our Order Management function tracks parts as they are removed off-wing, then processed for repair assessment, through to scrapping or dispatch to a repair vendor.

B&H Order Expedite Centres

B&H Worldwide is an expert provider of Repair and Return (R&R) services and is one of only a few logistics companies who take full ownership of managing the end-to-end process, linking together the outbound shipment of unserviceable parts, the in-shop repair element and the final return shipment.

B&H Worldwide has teams of Order Expediters strategically positioned throughout our network. Based at the key B&H aerospace centres in Los Angeles, Miami, London, Hamburg, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney, they are dedicated to ensuring the prompt and efficient flow of customer orders.

Our Order Expediters monitor every stage of the process so we always know the status of our customers Repair Orders regardless of the party that has formal responsibility, including engineers managing the off-wing removal, repair vendors conducting initial assessments and repair quotes, to the full in-shop repair process.

The result is a comprehensive end-to-end visibility and reporting platform, where customers can use OnTrack to follow the process by tracking the order no, part no, serial no, part description, date, tail no, maintenance event, or other tailored reference number structure.

The B&H Order Expedite teams take control of the Repair and Return process, providing regular live status updates via a range of communication tools, enabling our customers to focus their valuable resources on critical planning and execution of their maintenance activities.

Order Milestone Events


Efficiency is a priority for airlines, OEMs and spare part vendors. The high unit price and inventory carrying costs associated with many aircraft parts, and the ever growing market demands the efficient management of rotable parts.

Efficiency is a priority for airlines, OEMs and spare part vendors. The high unit price and inventory carrying costs associated with many aircraft parts, and the ever growing market demands the efficient management of rotable parts.

The need to meet stringent regulatory requirements, while ensuring systems integrity and managing spare parts in the repair cycle, adds further pressure to operational best practice.

As unserviceable parts are removed from an aircraft a series of critical tasks are undertaken to execute the repair process with each one adding time, cost and compliance risk to the operation.

B&H Worldwide offer an unserviceable parts management solution that provides operational and systems interface designed to minimise cost and risk in the repair process.

  • Airside collections and deliveries remove time lag caused by busy engineers needing to return parts to a landside logistics facility for processing.
  • Off-site storage reduces receipt compliance time delays and handling issues with segregation from serviceable parts.
  • Immediate creation of an unserviceable record in OnTrack provides detailed tracking visibility prior to a formal repair order being raised.
  • Unserviceable orders are entered in OnTrack, complete with red tags, post-flight reports, associated documents and photographs facilitate an online engineering assessment, in particular for remote stations, minimising transport time and costs.
  • Data feeds between OnTrack and customer maintenance systems can track data integrity for part removals, ensuring regulatory compliance is maintained.

Within B&H’s systems, the moment the part is removed it is treated as an order, and managed with high levels of visibility and control.

Benefits Summary


  • Vendor and part specific milestone management
  • Intuitive order scheduling and alert systems
  • Cost efficiency


  • In-shop milestone management
  • Repair quote approval automation
  • Round trip order management
  • Warranty management


  • On-line engineering reviews
  • Interactive order progression management
  • Optimum repair process efficiency